In the 2016 season we had several fundraisers including a ticket draw down, water bottle sales, and the infamous 80s Cash Bash

Fundraising for 2017 is currently in the works.  If your interested in helping with fund raising events please contact Jason Woodrey.  

In 2016 with fundraising efforts we purchased the following items; 1st down and ball markers, 15 Insight Helmets (that offer sensors for high impact detection), sound system for home games, helmet decals, additional footballs, microwave and mini fridge for the concession stand.  We also fully remodeled the press box and painted the bleachers. 

In 2017 with fundraising we plan to purchase the following items; additional Insight Helmets, helmet decals, new footballs, aluminum bench for home side of the field, hot dog warmer and pretzel machine.  We also plan to paint the goal posts.  Our future goal is to lower registration fees for parents, making football and cheer leading more affordable for any family.